Backpacking Gear

Weather you are bushwhacking, fly fishing, thru hiking, or car camping you need to understand the options you have for backpacking gear so it is an enjoyable adventure for you and your family.

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Appalachian Trail Thru Hike

The one thing to always remember when planning or going on any hike is to “Hike Your Own Hike.”  There is no one right or wrong way to enjoy your adventure.  Everyone will give you advice but in the end its your hike.  Make it so.

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Seek Your Adventure

I enjoy backpacking and cycling long distances.  You need to select the adventure you enjoy and go for it.

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60 IsNew 40 – Adventure Never Ends

My great grandfather built up a business and lost it during the depression.   Following the depression he went back to work for that same company.  He used to say “Bobby, if they ever make me stop working then they can just put me in the grave.”  Well he worked and lived alone until he was over 93 and it wasn’t long after that that he passed away.  Like many in our family his legs failed him once he became inactive.  Per another blog we have to keep our muscles and our minds active.

“Over the Hill” has always meant that we are too old to do many things.  That our time has past and get out of the way for the younger crowd to take over.  For four years I spent some time as a Executive Recruiter for one of top Real Estate and Construction search firms and one of the standard requests from my clients was I don’t want someone in their 50s or older.  I am thinking whats with that right?  We have all this knowledge and in most cases have at least 20 years to contribute to the job sector.  Don’t put us out to pasture too soon. One of my friends was the head of a commercial construction firm and complained that he had to pay for someone’s four year college degree to get a project manager.  This while many of my qualified friends over 50 and 60 with years of construction experience would gladly have taken the position.  I know, for a fact, that there are a number of those in there 40s that couldn’t hang with several of us in our 60s.  Come on.  The is a national resource that needs to be tapped.

Over the Hill?  Hell no!  I am out to prove that.  Age is simply the number of years this earth has enjoyed my presence. 🙂